A Parent’s Perspective: Six Years of Growth and Success at Classical Charter Schools

As we bask in the warmth of July, it’s an apt time to consider the significance of our school choices. Much like the nurturing summer sun, these decisions can greatly influence our children’s blossoming journey of learning and growth.

When Ms. Cheverez first enrolled her daughter Scarlett at Classical Charter Schools six years ago, she knew she was making a decision that would have a profound impact on Scarlett’s life. Initially, she chose to enroll her daughter at SBC 2 due to its proximity to their home. They can see the school building right from their window, which provides significant convenience. Today, as Scarlett prepares to enter 6th grade, it is clear that this decision has paid off.

Last month, we enjoyed an insightful interview with Ms. Cheverez, in which she shared her experiences and her observations about the school’s routine, structure, and commitment to providing a safe, nurturing environment for its scholars. She spoke about how the school’s unique approach to education has resulted in Scarlett developing a deeper understanding across subjects and skills compared to her peers who attend different schools. Additionally, her reading and vocabulary skills surpass those of the children in her family’s friend group and home community. Throughout the past six years, Ms. Cheverez has watched Scarlett grow academically, socially, and emotionally, thanks to our supportive yet challenging atmosphere.

Scarlett has grown tremendously since she started attending Classical, and as she transitions to the next phase of her educational journey, her mother is confident that she will continue to flourish, building on the strong foundation laid by her years at Classical.

For parents considering Classical Charter Schools for their children, Ms. Cheverez offers a compelling testimonial about the positive impact this institution can have on a child’s life. With its focus on academic excellence, personal development, and fostering a safe and inclusive environment, Classical Charter Schools stands out as a beacon of educational success.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of Scarlett and her fellow scholars and learn more about the remarkable experiences of parents like Ms. Cheverez who have entrusted Classical Charter Schools with their children’s education.



This post was contributed by Ms. Cheverez, proud parent and a champion of educational excellence. As a non-CMO charter network, we rely on the thoughts, opinions, and innovations of our staff to move our mission forward and provide an excellent academic option to families in the South Bronx. To hear more from our staff, check out the next post! Or, click here to learn more.


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