We strive to improve our practice through a meticulous approach to innovation because we recognize that every decision we make impacts scholars’ futures. The improvements we make to all aspects of our model, from our approach to behavior management to our rigorous curriculum, are based on data and evidence. We invite you to read our approach and hope that you benefit from the insights we’ve developed.

Structures of Charter School Networks in New York

When it comes to setting up a charter school in New York, there are important considerations to ensure success and sustainability. What is the most effective model for operating a network of charter schools in New York? Is a central oversight organization needed? To answer these and other important questions, experts from Classical Charter Schools, which operates several charter schools in New York City, the law firm Barton Gilman LLP, and PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP teamed up to develop this analysis.

Using Data to Drive Innovation in a Time of Uncertainty

The ability to open new schools without compromising instructional quality is unique. In this article, we break down how Classical has managed to achieve this through consistency, systemization, and data-analysis. We also explore if the systems that have allowed us to scale, will also allow us to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances and long-term uncertainty covid-19 presents.

Remote Learning

The COVID-19 crisis forced the education industry to innovate like never before. It challenged schools and organizations of all types to adapt, persist, and transition to a digital world. While there are still challenges ahead, our emphasis on efficiency and our structured curriculum helped us adapt quickly and minimize disruption to learning. 

In this article, originally published in the Daily News, Erin Linnehan, School Leader Fellow at South Bronx Classical I, outlines how we as educators can learn valuable lessons from the move to remote learning that we can take with us when we return to the classroom.


Novus is a proprietary application created by the data team at Classical that allows teachers to get real time analysis on how their scholars perform on each question, standard, or question type of a test, allowing Classical to create a truly individualized education for all scholars. Novus saves teachers at Classical 173 hours a year in time spent on data analysis. Novus also provides instructional coaches with data-based insights from which they can make informed coaching decisions. 

Learn more about the creation of Novus by clicking the link below. 

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