At Classical Charter Schools, we are committed to educational excellence and providing a safe, engaging, and rigorous learning environment for our scholars. As a four-time National Blue-Ribbon award recipient, with over 15 years of experience, we take pride in our unique systematized approach that has helped us to create a well-designed, innovative and supportive school community fostering scholars’ academic success, character development, and teacher growth. We welcome the opportunity to expand our influence and positively support students’ learning trajectory by partnering with and supporting other schools.

Classical is able to support educators, leaders, and administrators in their work toward excellent, equitable outcomes, effective and efficient practices, and thoughtful organizational design. Our supports within the below departments is tailored to meet the unique needs of each partnering school. 


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Curriculum & Instruction

Great teaching is made possible when educators are provided a high-quality curriculum, or the tools to create their own, and the support necessary to execute lessons effectively. Classical is well equipped to help your school refine, revise, or build a curriculum to meet student needs, and provide feedback, training, and resources to support teacher development and strengthen instructional output

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Innovation is one of our core values and a driving force in our mission toward excellence. Our Data team builds intelligent systems for data collection and analysis that give teachers the capability to deep dive into student results and learn from them. 

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Behind the scenes, our Business Department helps to ensure the bills are paid, there is a roof over our heads, and that teachers and staff are provided the resources needed to do their jobs. Classical's team can lend support and strategies to aid your school's Business department's capabilities and efficiency.

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Character & Community

The foundation for any excellent school is a positive and cohesive culture. Classical thrives as a highly structured setting with an emphasis on consistency and alignment across grades and classrooms. To build excellent schools, leadership must have a vision for their school’s culture – and systems for accountability in place to achieve that. 

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Schools’ Operations teams surround and support everything happening in classrooms. The Operations team is the primary connection between your school and the community it serves. They do your ‘back office’ work and keep the learning happening during the chaos of the day. Classical prioritizes its Operations domains and can provide support to schools in their work to streamline, clarify, and articulate the work that their Operations teams are doing.

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Classical believes in the critical importance of a clear, resilient vision, well-defined processes, and organizational intelligence to effectively run a school. Using a collaborative approach, Classical can help schools reinvest in their vision, improve governance and organizational structure, and promote growth.

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Student Services

Student Services are a critical component within a school as they ensure students receive high-quality and effective mandated supports. Classical's team has developed and refined our processes for student referrals and supports and can help your school improve your current functions to ensure advocacy and stronger educational outcomes for your students with disabilities.

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Schools simply cannot operate without great talent in the classrooms. Any school's talent or recruiting department plays a major role in setting up for a successful school year. Classical can work with schools to improve recruitment and hiring efforts, as well as onboarding resources to ensure a strong start for new teachers.

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Excellent schools need supportive, skilled, and outcome-driven leadership to thrive, and, often, leadership evolves from within. Classical can support schools in developing systems for evaluation and internal promotion, leadership training and development sessions, and aid with resiliency and future planning


Systems Review

A school can only be as strong as the systems it has in place. From operational systems to curriculum presented to students, there is so much more to a school than just a teacher and a chalkboard. Classical values well designed and cohesive systems and processes that ‘keep the machine running’ so that students can learn best. Prioritization is placed on reviewing and refining systems and strategy planning to achieve an established vision.

Mission/Vision Refinement and Articulation  

Organizational Strategic Planning   

Systems Review and Audit  

Implementation Oversight   

Data Collection and Analysis

Classical operates in a cyclical, systematic nature that involves constant data review and reflection to determine current areas of strength to replicate, areas of weakness to improve, and other opportunities for growth. We promote innovation with our systems for data collection and deep-dive analysis – and can support schools in establishing those systems and capabilities for themselves.  

Data Collection Systems  

Improved Procedures for Analyses  

Surveys and Analytics   

People Development

Excellent schools invest in and develop their people. Schools should prioritize clear and streamlined onboarding, professional development tailored to the needs of their staff, and individualized coaching to maximize impact and growth across buildings. Classical can support schools in refining their vision of excellence for staff, creating evaluation criteria, building robust training programs, and developing leadership to more effectively manage and coach.   

Onboarding Programs  

Professional Development  

Individualized Coaching   

Leadership Training   

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