Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


Hispanic Heritage Month is more than just a date on our calendar at Classical Charter Schools – it’s a joyful and educational voyage into Hispanic culture. It gives us an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the culture of so many of our scholars and faculty members. Let’s delve into the world of Hispanic art, music, and food, guided by our beloved teacher and artist, Ms. Ortiz.

Ms. Ortiz: Bridging Artistry and Heritage

Ms. Ortiz isn’t just a teacher; she’s an artist deeply connected to her Hispanic roots. Her love for art and culture brings the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month alive in her classroom. She makes learning about Hispanic culture a rich and personal experience for her scholars. In this post, she has shared with us some ways to infuse the study and celebration of Hispanic Heritage into our classrooms, this month and beyond.

Dive Into Hispanic Art

Hispanic art offers a rich tapestry of styles, ranging from Frida Kahlo’s iconic flower crowns to Pablo Picasso’s groundbreaking cubism and Salvador Dali’s surreal dreamscapes. Schools and families alike can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by diving into this diverse artistic realm. Here’s some activity inspiration:

(1) Select a piece of art and discuss why it’s special. Is it the colors? Is it the story it tells, or what it represents to the viewer? How does it look similar to, or different from, other work by this artist?

(2) Whether in the classroom or at home, consider setting up an art gallery featuring pieces created by famous Hispanic artists. This could be a virtual gallery tour or a physical display hanging down your school’s hallways or in your living room.

(3) Encourage students or family members to create art inspired by the Hispanic artists they are exploring. Use these new pieces to brighten your classroom, hallways, or home while celebrating the rich diversity of Hispanic culture.

Feel the Hispanic Beats

(1) Introduce students to different types of Hispanic music. Tell the stories behind the music.

(2) Teachers may even be inspired to teach students some traditional Hispanic dances – or welcome students and their families to teach the class.

Taste the Hispanic Flavors

Hispanic food is amazing! It’s a mix of local ingredients and outside influences, creating a feast of flavors. Leverage lunch, snack, or after dismissal to celebrate by experiencing a variety of Hispanic dishes.

(1) Try making simple dishes like guacamole or churros. Have small bites prepared for teachers and students to taste.

(2) If you’re aiming for a larger celebration, plan for a gradewide potluck after dismissal where teachers and families sign up to bring in a Hispanic dish for the group to enjoy.

More Than Just Culture: Connecting Themes

This month is also a good time to revisit important topics like mental health and inclusivity. Teachers and school leaders can invite speakers to discuss how culture and mental health connect.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Hispanic Heritage Month offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding, engage with rich traditions, and immerse ourselves in what makes Hispanic culture so unique and invaluable. This month serves as a vivid reminder of the diversity that enriches our community. Let’s continue to honor and embrace the beauty of Hispanic culture, not just this month, but throughout the year.

Explore More With Us

Check out some images from our in-school celebrations.


Want to dive deeper into the richness of Hispanic culture? We’ve curated a list of YouTube videos that provide hands-on activities and enlightening content to help you celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

Follow the links to start your adventure!

Paper flowers:

Frida Kahlo book:

Pablo Picasso book:

Dali Destino:




This post was contributed by Ms. Ortiz, our Kindergarten Learning Specialist and Mr. Ganaganayagam, (former Dean of Students, and current Brand Strategy Manager). As a non-CMO charter network, we rely on the thoughts, opinions, and innovations of our staff to move our mission forward and provide an excellent academic option to families in the South Bronx. To hear more from our staff, check out the next post! Or, click here to learn more.


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