Classical Charter Schools Careers & Employment

Open Positions

Instructional Roles

Literacy Specialist (2018-2019) Bronx, NY
Speech and Language Pathologist (2018-2019) Bronx, NY


Bus Escort (2018-2019) Bronx, NY
Operations Assistant (2018-2019) Bronx, NY
Operations Manager (2018-2019) Bronx, NY


Recruitment Associate (2018-2019) Bronx, NY

Teach at Classical Charter Schools

Employee Benefits

Classical Charter Schools employees can take advantage of a range of comprehensive health and life benefits. Our employee benefits include, medical and dental insurance, paid time off, retirement plan options and more. You can learn about great benefits offered by CCS here.

Did you know?

You can learn more about the life at Classical throughout our website. You can also find out how to refer your friends and family for the ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship.

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