Our Mission Statement

Classical Charter Schools prepares K-8 grade scholars in the South Bronx to excel in college preparatory high schools. Through a classical curriculum and highly structured setting, students become liberated scholars and citizens of impeccable character who achieve proficiency in and advanced mastery of New York State Performance Standards.

Our Classical Approach

Who We Are

Classical Charter Schools is a network of public, open-enrollment charter schools located in the South Bronx dedicated to educating scholars through a rigorous classical curriculum including art, music, Latin, debate, and fitness. Our scholars are among the highest performing in all of New York State. Classical Charter Schools was founded in 2006 to educate scholars in the South Bronx to a level that would enable them to access the most elite educational institutions. Our rigorous curriculum propels scholars to achieve and makes a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

How We Are Different

Our curriculum includes art, Latin, debate, and other skills we believe are integral to navigating the world with creativity and critical thought. We believe in structured and intentional teacher development, including frequent observations, direct access to an experienced instructional coach, and monthly professional development. At Classical, we put an emphasis on data-driven, informed decision making due to innovative benchmarking, tailored instruction, and hands on support provides a rigorous and excellent academic environment for all scholars. 

Our Core Values

These principles inform our decision making, guide our work as a collaborative staff, and are integral to furthering Classical’s mission. 


We are responsible for the future of our scholars and hold ourselves accountable for their success by analyzing scholar performance and continuously improving our practice.

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We prioritize innovation every day. Our success is sustained by continuously weaving small improvements into network-wide systems that impact scholar achievement.

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We know that working in education requires daily dedication to feedback and improvement. At Classical, our entire team works together to pursue the common mission of improving the lives of our scholars through education.

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We welcome constructive criticism to ensure we are constantly growing. Our direct, honest and timely feedback, along with our open door policy, ensures that we are always doing the best for our staff and, by extension, our scholars.

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We take the impact we have on scholars incredibly seriously. Exuding professionalism in how we dress, address one another and conduct ourselves sets the tone for the importance and gravity of our work.

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We expect a lot from our scholars and staff. Year after year, in our quest to constantly innovate, we perform meticulous, data-oriented assessments that allow us to work smarter and more effectively as educators.

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We realize our scholars face challenges most communities haven’t experienced. Therefore, the education we provide to our scholars has to be better. That’s why we invest in assessment data and time saving technology. It all means more time and energy spent on scholars in the South Bronx who need it most.


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Classical Charter Schools is 4x recipient of the National Blue Award for Excellence. We offer busing to and from school, free tutoring, after-school programs and additional programs to support children to become well-rounded individuals.
Enrollment applications open November 1st at all four schools in the South Bronx. Apply now, before spaces run out.   Please see the memo from our Executive Director about our 2022 State test results.
Step into SBC II’s World: Experience Our Virtual Tour Spotlight Explore our exceptional learning environment and see what sets us apart.
Elevate your understanding of New York charter schools with guidance from our accomplished experts at Classical Charter Schools, a distinguished NYC network and four-time National Blue Ribbon award winner. Uncover the essentials of effective models, the impact of central oversight organizations, and methods for enduring success. Perfect for school leaders and education enthusiasts, join forces with our award-winning team to transform education. Click the button to fill out a form and connect with us!
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