Our Model

Data Driven Decision Making Supported by Reliable Structures

Classical’s rigorous, data-driven curriculum drives learning in every classroom and ensures all scholars are set up to succeed. We believe intentional development contributes to consistent improvements and heightened impact. We rely on a rigorous curriculum, thoughtful faculty development, collaborative family engagement and a structure that allows teachers to focus on teaching and scholars to focus on learning.

An Excellent Education Begins
With a Rigorous Curriculum

A Rigorous Curriculum, Meticulously Built

We meticulously plan and revise our curriculum to meet and exceed the highest standards and best practices of learning. Our detailed database of lesson plans is assessed and improved every school year. Classical uses data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each scholar and provides tailored support throughout the year.

Teachers at Classical are equipped with the best possible curriculum to prepare our scholars with the skills and knowledge they need to excel both at Classical and wherever they study next.

Our curriculum is more than a set of books, binders and worksheets. Scholars at Classical can expect a well rounded academic experience that includes foundational subjects, such as math, science and history, as well as subjects designed to promote creativity and critical thinking, such as Latin and debate.

Teaching Character in the Classroom

Mastery of the standards, while essential, is itself only part of our curriculum. Critical thinking, creativity, and character development are paramount to the scholar’s experience at Classical.

We teach our scholars Latin starting in third grade to facilitate English vocabulary acquisition and enhance grammar instruction. We teach our scholars debate to help nurture their skills in collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, and critical analysis. 

As part of our mission to develop liberated scholars and citizens of impeccable character, Classical provides weekly character education classes administered by deans. We believe this prepares scholars to enter society with an eye for injustice as well as the means, confidence, and desire to make social change. 

Interested in Learning More About our Approach?

Classical Charter Schools is a non-cmo charter network, which means we do not have a separate governing body guiding our decisions and growth. Our model is built and developed on the input of staff in various roles throughout the network. To hear their thoughts and learn more about how their insight has helped to build our model, visit our blog! 

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Classical Charter Schools is 4x recipient of the National Blue Award for Excellence. We offer busing to and from school, free tutoring, after-school programs and additional programs to support children to become well-rounded individuals.
Enrollment applications open November 1st at all four schools in the South Bronx. Apply now, before spaces run out.   Please see the memo from our Executive Director about our 2022 State test results.
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