Organized to Best Serve Scholars in the South Bronx

At Classical we believe in collaborative decisions made by stakeholders at all levels. This allows us to stay close to the work and always make decisions that are in the best interest of our scholars and families. It also makes it possible for us to operate and innovate at a network level with only a small team of network leaders. This leadership structure contributed to our ability to transition to remote learning in less than three days while maintaining attendance rates above 90% in live-taught, consistently excellent classrooms. 

Meet the network team at Classical Charter Schools, the #1 non-CMO network in New York City. 

Meet Our Network Staff

Mr. Long

Lester Long graduated from Dartmouth College in 1993, where he majored in Economics, while also concentrating in Government. Immediately thereafter, he started his career in investment banking, rising from an entry level analyst to Vice President within six years, and working for firms such as Societe Generale and Lehman Brothers. 

With a desire to share his success, Long began a second career teaching elementary school in the South Bronx through the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, which places accomplished professionals from other fields in the City’s most under-performing schools. Mr. Long taught literacy, mathematics, music, and physical education to general and special education students of all grades. While teaching during the day, he earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from Hunter College at night.



Ms. Davis

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Loyola University


Mr. Gibbs

Director of Business

Boston University


Ms. Epstein

Director of Scholar Services

Indiana University


Ms. Greene

Specials Instructional Coach

Skidmore College


Ms. Coleman

Senior HR Generalist

Lehman College


Ms. Ramirez

Business Associate

DeVry University


Ms. Maguire

Research Associate

Tufts University


Ms. Negron

Data Associate

Lehigh Valley College

N.Talent.Weitekamp (2)

Ms. Weitekamp

Talent Manager

University of California, Berkeley


Ms. Okaneme

High School Advisor

Cornell University


Dr. Emmerson-Pace

Curriculum Manager

University of Connecticut


Ms. Boak

Curriculum Planner

University of St. Andrews


Ms. Epley

Special Projects Manager

New York University


Mr. McGeehin

Digital Marketing Associate

Virginia Commonwealth University


Mr. Gonzalez


Rutgers University


Mr. Creech

Talent Associate

York College

Board of Trustees

Classical succeeds under the guidance and support of its Board of Trustees: a diverse group of industry leaders that operates with a commitment to advancing our work and maximizing our impact in the South Bronx.