Academic Support

Committed to a Targeted Approach

At Classical, targeted support is a normal part of the learning process for all scholars. Though we offer Special Education services, individualized support is not something that is reserved for a select few. Our model ensures that all scholars get the specific support they need.

Between 25-30% of Classical scholars at Classical receive small group support, only 12% have an individualized education plan. We are able to maintain our goal of declassifying all scholars within three years of starting an individualized education plan because of our data-oriented and tailored approach.

Systems of Support

We offer multiple means of support that target the diverse needs of scholars. Special education, mandatory state tutoring,
at-risk tutoring, and summer academy are just a few of the ways in which we continue supporting scholars outside of the classroom. 

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Special Education

All scholars with disabilities are integrated into the general education curriculum and classroom environment. We provide small group support for our scholars with a special education teacher through Special Education Support Teacher Services (SETSS). The SETSS curriculum is composed of 60% of objectives from our general education units and 40% of objectives based on IEP goals and identified areas of need.

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State Exam Tutoring

Classical provides Mandatory State Test Tutoring for grades 3-8 in order to help our scholars succeed on the New York State exams. Tutoring begins every year the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January. Families are responsible for pick-up arrangements.

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At-Risk Tutoring

Our At-Risk Tutoring Program provides additional tutoring services for scholars who need supplemental assistance. At-Risk tutoring may occur during the school day or following dismissal, depending on scholar needs and tutor availability. Families are responsible for pick-up arrangements if tutoring occurs following dismissal.

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Summer Academy

Classical offers Summer Academy as a way for scholars who failed a core subject or required State exam to demonstrate academic achievement. Summer Academy is a 3-week summer program from 8:30am – 1:00pm, Monday through Friday starting on the first Monday after the end of the regular school year.

An Impact Supported by Statistics

English Language Learners and Scholars with Disabilities

Classical’s model ensures that all scholars get the targeted support they need. Between 25-30% of Classical scholar receive small group support. We are able to maintain our goal of declassifying all scholars within three years of starting an individualized education plan.

ELA Pass rate
2022 State Assessment Data for ELL
Math Pass rate
2022 State Assessment Data for ELL
Math Pass rate
2022 State Assessment Data for SWD
100% of ELL scholars are English Proficient by the 4th grade according to NYSELAT Standards
94% of scholars read on grade level
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Classical Charter Schools is 4x recipient of the National Blue Award for Excellence. We offer busing to and from school, free tutoring, after-school programs and additional programs to support children to become well-rounded individuals.
Enrollment applications open November 1st at all four schools in the South Bronx. Apply now, before spaces run out.   Please see the memo from our Executive Director about our 2022 State test results.
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