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During normal school hours, doors open to welcome scholars each morning at 7:20AM and scholars are dismissed at 4:30PM. 

Classical Charter Schools offers eligible families free Yellow Bus Service brought to you by the Department of Education. During the first week of September, the main office distributes busing assignments and more information. Families are required to attend an informational busing meeting each year. For more information, contact the operations team at your school. 

We believe that education can be liberating. We see it as the first step in growing scholars into citizens of impeccable character with a life full of choices. We strive to prepare our scholars for success, both at their next school and for the rest of their lives. 

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Family Expectations

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Scholars are in school on time every day and ready to learn.

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Scholars are in a complete and clean uniform every day.

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Parents provide a quiet area at home to complete homework.

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Parents ensure that their scholars get a good night's sleep.

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Parents support the school they choose!

Academic Support & Special Education

Classical is committed to supporting all scholars and our model ensures scholars receive the support they need. 

Classical Charter Schools teaches to the student and gives individual attention to each student and challenges they may have.

Ms. Irene Martinez
South Bronx Classical I Parent

I appreciate the curriculum; in a short two months my son was able to read. Overall, it’s been great so far.

Christelle Rodriguez
South Bronx Classical I Parent