As a ClassiCorps fellow, you'll be a part of Classical's mission to provide an exceptional education for students in the South Bronx

The ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship provides the opportunity to become a leader in the fight against educational inequality. We believe that a ZIP code should never determine the quality of a child’s education, and fellows help us challenge that notion.

Teach with Purpose

For some, the ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship is a chance to teach under a coaching structure that advances their career quickly. For others, it’s an opportunity to do meaningful work and further their education before they pursue something else. For everyone, it starts with a simple application. Where it goes is up to you!

To learn more about how ClassiCorps fellows make real change in the lives of their scholars, check out the infographic below.

Who are ClassiCorps Fellows?

Recent Graduates

College graduates or graduating seniors are encouraged to apply with degrees in any major. Entering your teaching career early gives you the opportunity to have the greatest impact and start your professional growth right after college.

Early Professionals

It’s never too late to start teaching. Your skills as a young professional make you a valuable addition to our team, and your work experience will only improve your ability to adapt to the challenges of a classroom. Our Fellows come from a diversity of backgrounds, but they are united in their desire to make a real impact in our scholars’ lives.


How Fellows Make a Difference

If you are considering the ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship, you likely received an education that set you up to be a competitive applicant. An applicant who could make choices about their education and career. Now, it’s your turn to provide the same opportunities to children who need it the most in our communities.

Build Your Path

Earn a Free Master's Degree

Our ClassiCorps Teaching Fellows earn a free Master of Arts in Teaching Degree at Relay Graduate School of Education part-time while completing their fellowship of hands-on training in the classroom. Relay Graduate School of Education is located in New York City and educates 1,400 dedicated students looking to further their teaching careers. To learn more about their programs, click here

Grow With Us

While the program is a three-year commitment, ClassiCorps Fellows often advance to leadership positions within our network in just a few years after completing their fellowship. Fellows also have the opportunity to work in fields within our schools, such as special education and subject-specific classes. As a growing network, opportunities for career advancement at Classical are always expanding.

ClassiCorps Fellows also gain invaluable experience in management and leadership throughout their time in the program. These transferable skills are highly sought after in a wide number of industries and leadership positions far beyond education.

What to Know Before Applying

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Do Your Research

Make sure you fully understand Classical and the ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship before applying. There are many ways to have an impact on education and it's important to find an option that aligns with your interests.

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Review Our Qualifications

To apply for the Fellowship you must graduate by June of 2022 with an undergraduate degree and a GPA of at least 2.5. This is a non-negotiable requirement.

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Prepare Your Resume

Be sure to include all relevant experiences and any other information that demonstrates a strong work ethic, achievement, and leadership. Proofread your resume before applying and be ready to talk about your experience in an interview.

Consider Your Timeline

It takes approximately two weeks to complete the application process. You will need to be available for a 30-minute phone interview and a two hour in-person interview between the hours of 9am – 5pm. To support long-distance applicants, we reimburse up to $300 for your transportation to the South Bronx.

Ready to Get Started?

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Enroll Today!

Classical Charter Schools is 4x recipient of the National Blue Award for Excellence. We offer busing to and from school, free tutoring, after-school programs and additional programs to support children to become well-rounded individuals.
Enrollment applications open November 1st at all four schools in the South Bronx. Apply now, before spaces run out.   Please see the memo from our Executive Director about our 2022 State test results.
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