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Making Strategies Stick For Young Readers

There is something incredibly rewarding about teaching children to read and witnessing first-hand that “a-ha!” moment where a strategy you’ve been teaching finally clicks. Not only does the child get it, but they start to implement it independently instead of pausing to look toward you for the answer or support.

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How to Foster a Growth Mindset in Teacher Development

I asked a simple question to my fellow coaches at the beginning of the year: “What is your favorite part of being an instructional coach?” Having taught for several years, I knew that the school year ebbed and flowed in difficulty and before I journeyed too far, I wanted to

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Coaching from Within the Classroom

There is a paradigm in U.S. public education that teachers of all levels of experience have come to know: two or three times a year, an instructional leader—typically a principal, vice principal or department head—will observe their classroom instruction and provide feedback to the teachers on their performance with the

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Strategies for Achieving Success as a First-Year Teacher

How much experience do you need to be a truly great teacher? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? How about 10 months? Or, even less? Believe it or not, Classical Charter Schools provides the supports for teachers to thrive as educators within the first year of instruction, particularly through the

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