State Tests

We believe that schools exist to develop and prepare students for higher education, citizenship, and careers. Classical Charter Schools centers its efforts around its scholars. We believe that the nucleus of a school is the interaction of teacher and students. Therefore, the presentation of our results emphasizes those values, and our mission.

The history of state testing in New York State, particularly over the past 5 years, has been one of transition. In 2010, the rigor with which the State deemed passing performance was increased, resulting in a reduction in the number of students who passed. In 2013, the State changed the basis of its tests from New York State Performance Standards to the Common Core State Standards. This transition also reduced ‘pass rates’. Due to these changes, we believe it is not possible to compare school performance on the state tests on a longitudinal basis.

In both of these changes, Classical Charter Schools rose to the occasion. Most recently, our school significantly outperformed the state, city, district, and New York City charter schools as a whole.


Importantly, the results above include District 26, the highest performing Community School District in New York City, and Chappaqua Central School District, the highest performing district in New York State. We include these because our goal is a truly world class education, in which our scholars can attend the colleges of their choice, pursue the careers and enjoy all the liberties afforded to the educated.


It’s important to recognize that the state tests start in third grade. Scholars receive a full three years of education (at least) before they enter third grade. These pivotal years are critical in forming the habits, beliefs, and skills that scholars will hold for the rest of their academic lives. The academic goal in those years is centered around literacy. These are the years our scholars learn to read. To assess their literacy, we use the DIBELS assessment. The results below demonstrate that our scholars are increasingly fluent in their ability to decode and comprehend.