A Day in the Life of a Teacher

teacher preparation

Before scholars arrive, teachers work urgently to prepare for a high-energy, high-impact day of instruction. The curriculum is pre-planned and detailed but requires teacher preparation to be executed effectively.

teacher classtime

Throughout the day, teachers instruct, coach, and monitor scholars’ mastery of content in math, reading, writing, grammar, social studies, and science. Upper grades also have Latin and Debate.

teacher transitions

Teachers are also classroom managers. All movement throughout the classroom is carefully choreographed for maximum efficiency. The skillful teacher makes transitions tight so little instructional time is lost.

teacher lunch

Administrators supervise scholars at lunch while teachers take their own time to refuel and prepare. Teachers also have one “prep” period, during which they can get classroom preparations, grading, or other work done.

teacher after school

Scholars go home at 4:20 but the day’s not over yet. Teachers grade student work, analyze student data, meet with other teachers to strategize instructional improvements, make parent phone calls and prepare for the next day.

“When I saw what my scholars could do by the end of the year, I knew it was worth it” — 1st grade teacher

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