Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

We value professionalism. Staff are treated as professionals and with respect. We treat our work as a career of supporting the school’s scholar-centered mission. Classical Charter Schools offers many roles other than teaching and ClassiCorps Teaching Fellowship that strongly contribute to enhancing scholars’ characters, education and prospects.

Business, Leadership and Support Roles:

Bus Escorts ensure scholars arrive safely and demonstrate good character on the route to and from school. Our Bus Escorts receive over 10 hours of professional development per year, uniforms, and a competitive wage.

Business Managers and Assistants provide the financial transparency and discipline needed to effect real change in the classroom by providing teachers with the supplies they need.

Curriculum Writers partner with us to build high-quality curriculum for our teachers.

Deans of Students lead our character development program and are responsible for the safety and discipline of our scholars. Our Deans teach Character Education, organize our Parent Academy, and liaise between school administration and our Family Advisory Council.

Instructional Coaches lead professional development and provide individualized coaching to teachers. ICs lead the Network’s curricular revision process.

Operations Managers and Assistants organize everything non-instructional that happens in the school. They support teachers and students.

School Leadership positions are available to mission-aligned, experienced, and urgent educators.

School Psychologists support students with emotional and behavioral needs.

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