South Bronx Classical Charter School I

School I opened in 2006 in the Longwood area of the Bronx. It now serves 430 scholars in grades K-8. It is collocated with two middle schools, Entrada Academy and IS 217.  Directed by Lester Long, it is currently the top performing non-CMO charter school in the city.




977 Fox Street
Bronx, New York 10459

Phone & Fax

phone: 718-860-4340
fax: 718-860-4125


Mr. Long
Founder and Executive Director
Dartmouth College

Lester Long graduated from Dartmouth College in 1993, where he majored in Economics, while also concentrating in Government. Immediately thereafter, he started his career in investment banking, rising from an entry level analyst to Vice President within six years, and working for firms such as Societe Generale and Lehman Brothers. Mr. Long specialized in executing corporate debt, collateralized lending, and asset-backed transactions worldwide, including doing business in Europe, Thailand, and Japan. With a desire to share his success, he began a second career teaching elementary school in the South Bronx through the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, which places accomplished professionals from other fields in the City’s most under-performing schools. During his four years in the New York City public school system, Mr. Long taught literacy, mathematics, music, and physical education to general and special education students of all grades. While teaching during the day, he earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from Hunter College at night.

Ms. Davis
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Loyola University
Dr. Emmerson-Pace
Instructional Coach
University of Connecticut
Ms. Meza
Instructional Coach
Seattle University
Ms. Wolf
Specials Instructional Coach
Skidmore College
Ms. Blount
Instructional Coach
Montclair State University
Mr. Baum
Director of Talent
Columbia University
Ms. Bristol
Talent Associate
Hampton University
Ms. Small
Talent Associate
University of Florida
Ms. Genao
Talent Associate
Florida State University
Ms. Badamasi
Talent Associate
Brooklyn College
Ms. Jackson
Dean of Students
Spelman College
Ms. Green
Dean of Students
Tennessee State University
Mr. Sprow
Dean of Students
Montclair State University
Ms. Blume
Associate Dean of Students
Vassar College
Mr. Macapagal
Business Manager
St. John


Ms. Panuska
Operations Manager
Tulane University
Ms. Scarborough
Operations Assistant
Syracuse University
Mr. Young
Senior Operations Assistant
University of Pittsburgh
Ms. Ponce
School Aide
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Ms. Forshee
Data Manager
Northwestern State University
Mr. Sanoguet
IT Manager
Gibbs College

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Fallon
Kindergarten Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
State University of New York College at Oneonta
Ms. Febbraro
Kindergarten Team Leader
St. Joseph’s University
Ms. Jeffers
Kindergarten Teacher/ ClassiCorps Fellow
Vassar College
Ms. Kapito
Kindergarten Teacher
University of Pennsylvania
Ms. Turner
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
St. John
Ms. Barrett
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Lehman College
Ms. Delaney
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Georgetown University

First Grade Team

Ms. Akotoh
First Grade Teacher
Williams College
Ms. Esraeilian
First Grade Teacher
Yeshiva University
Ms. Perez
First Grade Team Leader
Mount Saint Mary College
Ms. Lester
First Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
Cornell University

Second Grade Team

Ms. Higginbotham
Second Grade Teacher/ClassiCorps Fellow
Universtiy of Florida
Ms. Hulbert
Second Grade Team Leader
Dartmouth College
Ms. Lee
Second Grade Teacher
Indiana University
Ms. Outlaw
Second Grade Learning Specialist
Stony Brook University

Third Grade Team

Ms. Binenfeld
Third Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
Bowdoin College
Ms. Epley
Third Grade Teacher
New York University
Ms. Ramirez
Third Grade Team Leader
University of Notre Dame
Ms. Markelwith
Third Grade Teacher
West Virginia University

Fourth Grade Team

Ms. McClain
Fourth Grade Teacher
Point Loma College
Mr. Leary
Fourth Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorp Fellow
North Dakota State University
Ms. Linnehan
Fourth Grade Team Leader
College of the Holy Cross

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Nicholas
Fifth Grade Team Leader
Stanford University
Ms. Reyes
Fifth Grade Learning Specialist
University of New Haven
Mr. Daniels
Fifth Grade Teacher / ClassiCorps Fellow
Savannah State University

Sixth Grade Team

Mr. Hamel
Sixth Grade Teacher
University of Paris
Mr. Morrison
Sixth Grade Team Leader
University of North Carolina
Mr. Urda
Sixth Grade Learning Specialist
University of Norte Dame

Middle School Team

Ms. Aluko
History Teacher
Stony Brook Universtiy
Ms. Daniels
Seventh Grade ELA Teacher
Barnard College
Mr. Mendelson
Eighth Grade ELA/ ClassiCorps Fellow
Loyola Marymount University
Ms. Skeffington
Science Teacher
Middlebury College
Ms. Tsai
Seventh and Eighth Grade Team Leader
University of Rochester
Mr. Silvidi
ELA Associate Teacher
College of William & Mary
Ms. Tasse-Winter
Middle School Latin & Debate
Binghamton University

Specials Team

Mr. Kitson
Fitness Teacher
Marist College
Mr. Ward
Band Teacher
Michigan State University
Ms. Johnson
Art Teacher
University of California - Los Angeles
Ms. Orozco
Music Teacher
Berklee College of Music
Fitness Teacher
Keene State College

Special Services

Ms. Epstein
Director of Special Services
Indiana University
Ms. Green
School Psychologist
Lehman College
Ms. Mancuso
Multi-Grade Learning Specialist
Binghamton University
Ms. Lewinson
Special Education Teacher
The University at Albany
Ms. Olive-Hall
Special Education Teacher
University of Georgia
Mr. Tryon
At-Risk Learning Specialist
State University of New York, Potsdam
Ms. Ferris
Speech and Language Pathologist
Loyola University
Ms. Barnett
Speech and Language Pathologist
Yeshiva University
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