The eighth-grade graduates of Classical Charter Schools are among New York City’s most competitive, bright, and promising students. Although we may be recognizing them from home this year, their accomplishments are impressive, meaningful, and worthy of celebration. Graduating from Classical Charter Schools is a meaningful step in a rigorous and promising academic journey. Next year, they leave to join their peers at some of the most competitive public, private, and charter high schools across New York City where they will pursue their individual passions and continue their journey toward building a better future. Their time at Classical Charter Schools has strengthened and inspired our community. Below, are some of their insights, reflections, and aspirations.

Haerat Alabi

Trevor Day School

Classical has been a spectacular experience filled with many lessons, laughs, and a lot of memorable memories.

Emmanuel Boateng

Cardinal Hayes High School

It was fun while it lasted. 

Daniel Castro

Belmont Preparatory High School

Classical is full of really great people you can rely on. 

Shania Cortes

Future High School - Still Deciding

My time at Classical was fun, tough, annoying, sad…etc. I made a lot of fun memories that I will never forget and I had a great education.

Luis Cruz Jr.

Democracy Prep Harlem High School

Classical is strict, but worth taking though.

Manuella d'Almeida

Future High School - Still Deciding

I have never hated and loved a school more but on the bright side, I love it more than I hate it.

Angelo Diaz

Future High School - Still Deciding

Classical was fun, stressful, and a tough experience through kindergarten, but I will always remember the people around me and memories.

Jason Dixon

Future High School- Still Deciding

8th grade made it bearable.

Genesis Estades

New Visions Advanced Math & Science I

Classical has many fun memories and it’s just something that was full of memories. My time there at Classical got me to where I need to be and I thank Classical for all of its hard work.

Kaylin Garcia

Future High School - Still Deciding

Olidia Gonzalez

Hyde Leadership Charter High School

Best time of my life and a real eye opener. My quote of the year: “Be yourself, its the one thing you’ll succeed at the most.”

Christina Graveley

Future High School - Still Deciding

In Classical, it took a lot of hard work.

Jennifer Guerrero

Future High School - Still Deciding

Classical was a place to have fun with your friends and all those times will always last.

Kevin Guzman​

Cardinal Hayes High School

The influence of a great teacher can never be erased.

Keyarah Harris

Future High School - Still Deciding

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Nyuma Jagana

Future High School - Still Deciding

Kwadwo Kwakye

Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics

Classical taught me to work twice as hard as everyone to succeed and that nobody was going to hand you anything.

Jalyssa Luna

University Prep Charter High School

I laughed, I cried, I almost gave up, but in the end I thrived.

Prince Obeng

Cardinal Hayes High School

During my time at Classical I have learned a lot and gained a lot and even achieved a lot. Classical has made me be who I really am and the teachers who have helped me through the time at Classical. This school was a great first step of my education and I want to thank everyone who have helped me at my time at Classical.

Marisol Perez-Reyes

Future High School - Still Deciding

Angelique Smalls

Fordham High School of the Arts

I liked how the teachers actually connected with you, the 8th grade teachers made 8th grade my best year.

Deborah Tawiah-Boateng

Future High School - Still Deciding

There are those who help or break you, but at the end of the day its time for us to grow up and enter a new time in life

Dani Lynn Torres

Future High School - Still Deciding

Stephon Williams

Cardinal Hayes High School

Had many ups and downs, but it was one heck of an experience being here, especially coming from a public school.

Eric Zavala

Future High School - Still Deciding