Editor’s Welcome

by Prince Nuamah and Marcel Apatewen (Classical News Editors)


We would like to introduce the Sixth Grade Newsletter Committee. I, Prince Nuamah, and my co-editor, Marcel Apatewen, would like to inform you about the reason behind the Sixth Grade Newsletter Committee, and what the Sixth Grade Newsletter Committee will be about. We, the Sixth Grade Newsletter Committee (made of 15 scholars) started a committee in order to inform you about the latest news. We are 15 hard-working students with 3 amazing teachers that stay from 4:30 to 5:30 every Tuesday to write this newsletter. In this newsletter we will include a lot of interesting sections. The sections in this newsletter include; school and world news, sports, interviews, and artwork from 6th grade scholars.


Putting together this newsletter was not easy. We had to go through a series of crucial steps that contributed to the making of the newsletter you are holding in your hands now. Each and every minute spent on this newsletter helped us create and strengthen it. First of all, before we even started this newsletter we first brainstormed the certain sections the newsletter should include. Many ideas popped up that seemed like interesting sections like gossip, quotes, and comedy. We then were assigned the certain sections that took our interest. After being assigned we went through the rigorous cycle of researching that was very difficult. We went through a slew of interesting articles about topics you find interesting such as the ISIS Threat and fun facts about your teachers through interviews. After researching we came across the harder tasks drafting, revising and editing, and publishing. These tasks were very difficult to overcome mentally but, then helped us in the long run. We hope you understand how careful and hard-working we had to be in order to put this newsletter together. Please enjoy.



Your Editors Prince Nuamah and Marcel Apatewen


Read the whole newsletter here.