Family Expectations

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Thank you for your interest in Classical Charter Schools! We promise to do whatever it takes to prepare your child for college. Our mission requires your support and we have high expectations of both you and your child.

What can parents do to help Classical Charter Schools succeed?

Classical Charter Schools have 5 Non-Negotiables that we expect scholars and parents to adhere to. They are:

  1. Scholars are in school on time every day and ready to learn.
  2. Scholars are in a complete and clean uniform every day.
  3. Parents provide a quiet area for their scholars to complete homework.
  4. Parents ensure that their scholars get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Parents support the school they chose!

Parents should ensure that their own children are as successful as possible through their support of the school. Here are some tips:

  • Read together.
  • Limit TV and video game usage.
  • Develop a homework routine and “quiet time”.
  • Express high academic expectations of your child.
  • Maintain contact with your child’s teacher.


2018-19 Family Handbook in English

2018-19 Family Handbook in Spanish


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