The value of structure

Our purposeful structure frees teachers and scholars from distraction and transforms the school into a growth-focused ecosystem, where every child has a greater opportunity to succeed. “Structure” is not merely a discipline policy and schedule, but rather a core value that profoundly impacts the entire organization’s choreography. Scholars, teachers, and administrators maintain a high degree of order. Teachers can focus on teaching and scholars can focus on learning. This order is achieved through consistent implementation of routines, instructional best practices, and behavior policies. Curriculum and instruction are highly structured to foster scholar achievement.

In addition to academic growth, our structure supports character growth. Positive behavior is modeled and vigorously reinforced by all staff and taught explicitly through weekly Character Education classes. “We’re not strict just to be strict,” explains instructional coach Ms. Williams. “It’s about character. You look at the person who’s speaking because that’s what respectful adults do. You wait your turn to talk because that’s what’s fair to the others in the conversation. Insults are a ‘no excuse’ behavior. We need to be caring to others.”. Rooted in a culture of fierce dedication to our scholars’ future, we require our scholars to meet the high behavioral standards required for both their continuing academic success and their growth into citizens of impeccable character.

Learn about how structure supports our mission.


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