Data Use

We use data to ensure our scholars receive a truly differentiated education. We know our scholars are on track for success because we regularly monitor their growth through rigorous standard-aligned assessments. These tangible measures of success allow us to communicate to scholars and their families how they’re doing in school with far more specificity. It also helps us know how we’re doing as educators.

Though we’re proud of our scholars’ test scores, at Classical Charter Schools we see data as more of a means to improve than an end to celebrate. The data we collect inform both the next day’s instruction and long-term curricular revisions. We analyze data critically to identify each scholar’s unique needs. Using this information, our teachers craft a strategy for the scholars’ growth, providing each scholar with the specific attention he or she needs to excel, both academically and behaviorally. By tracking scholar growth at every step of the way and using it to make the best strategic instructional choices we protect every scholar’s path to a bright future.

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