South Bronx Classical Charter School II

School II opened in August 2013 in the Mott Haven area of the Bronx. It currently serves 315 scholars in grades K—5 and will expand one grade every year through 2020. It is collocated with PS 154. Leena Gyftopoulos serves as the School Director and plans to build on the success of SBCCS I by providing the same proven approach to more students.




333 East 135th Street
Bronx, New York 10454

Phone & Fax

phone: 718-292-9526
fax: 718-732-2945


Ms. Gyftopoulos
School Director
Mount Holyoke College

Leena Gyftopoulos is a founding staff member, joining prior to the school’s opening. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a major of Economics, Ms. Gyftopoulos was a founding member of the MATCH Corps at MATCH Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts, where she spent a year tutoring and providing academic support to high school students. MATCH is one of the nation’s most successful high schools. Before joining South Bronx Classical as Operations Manager, Ms. Gyftopoulos attended NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Ms. Davis
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Loyola University
Ms. Boak
Instructional Coach
University of St. Andrews
Ms. Wolf
Specials Instructional Coach
Skidmore College
Ms. Hibbert
Instructional Coach
Morgan State University
Mr. Baum
Director of Talent
Columbia University
Ms. Bristol
Talent Associate
Hampton University
Ms. Small
Talent Associate
University of Florida
Ms. Genao
Talent Associate
Florida State University
Ms. Badamasi
Talent Associate
Brooklyn College
Ms. Ragin
Dean of Students
Wesleyan University
Mr. Ganaganayagam
Dean of Students
Binghamton University
Mr. Macapagal
Business Manager
St. John


Mr. Weld-Wallis
Operations Manager
Calvin College
Mr. Maroste
Operations Assistant
Yale Univeristy
Ms. Conyers
School Aide
Mr. Sanoguet
IT Manager
Gibbs College
Ms. Forshee
Data Manager
Northwestern State University

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Herrera
Kindergarten Learning Specialist
University of New Mexico
Ms. Sellers
Kindergarten Team Leader
College of Charleston
Ms. Soto
Kindergarten Teacher/ClassiCorps Fellow
Iona College
Ms. Clamage
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Macalester College
Ms. Maloney
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Molloy College

First Grade Team

Ms. Beckford
First Grade Teacher
Trinity College
Ms. Chase
First Grade Team Leader
City College of New York
Ms. Kilduff
First Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
Bridgewater State University
Ms. Marshall
First Grade Teacher
Dowling College

Second Grade Team

Ms. Gold
Second Grade Teacher
Yeshiva University
Ms. Rockwood
Second Grade Team Leader
Niagara University
Ms. Ospina
Second Grade Teacher
Colgate University
Mr. Sanchez
Second Grade Learning Specialist
St. Joseph

Third Grade Team

Ms. Allen
Third Grade Teacher
College of the Holy Cross
Ms. Horton
Third Grade Learning Specialist/ ClassiCorps Fellow
Bowdoin College
Ms. Cynova
Third Grade Teacher
University of Cincinatti
Mr. Smith
Third Grade Team Leader
New York University

Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Mansell
Fourth Grade Team Leader
University of Rochester
Mr. Amaya
Fourth Grade Teacher
Lafayette College
Mr. Tanner
Fourth Grade Learning Specialist/ClassiCorps Fellow
McGill University

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Arndt
Fifth Grade Lead Teacher
Oral Roberts University
Mr. Thorburn
Fifth Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
University of Saint Andrews


Ms. Brownell
Fitness Teacher
Adelphi University
Ms. Ross
Music Teacher
Northwestern University
Ms. Spencer
Art Teacher
Tufts University

Special Services

Ms. Epstein
Director of Special Services
Indiana University
Ms. Betancourt
Special Education Teacher / ClassiCorps Fellow
Tufts University
Mr. Richman
Special Education Teacher
Northwestern Univeristy
Mr. Lustbader
Multi-Grade Learning Specialist / ClassiCorps Fellow
Bowdoin College
Ms. Bialosky
Speech and Language Pathologist
Ohio State University
Ms. Hass
Skidmore College
Ms. Woodward
School Psychologist
Carleton College
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