Charter School Information

Charter schools are public schools that operate according to an agreement called a “charter” which requires them to meet specific performance goals. Schools that do not meet their goals may be shut down. In exchange for this increased accountability, they operate independently.

What does this mean for South Bronx Classical?

Operational autonomy allows Classical Charter Schools the flexibility to develop our own academic program, offer more hours of instruction and hold high behavioral expectations. Our approach has led to results that surpass the high standards set forth in our charter. Rather than having scholars assigned to us, our scholars choose us. Enrollment is through an open lottery.  In accordance with New York State Law and our mission, we give preference to children residing in our school district.

Like all public schools, charter schools are free to attend and non-discriminatory. Most of our scholars live in the school district. Their performance is measured by the same state and federal standards as other public school students.

For more information about charter schools, please see the New York City Charter Center website.


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